About Us

  • We are India distributors of FUHO / Vacron
  • FUHO / Vacron in Taiwan has been creating video surveillance security solutions to satisfy all sorts of security demands for over 20 years now
  • The product line includes a variety of IP, AHD & CCHDTV & Vehicle Cameras and their corresponding high quality Recorders (DVR / NVR / PC Based NVR etc)
  • FUHO / Vacron has strengthened itself vastly in the areas of image processing and storage technologies
  • FUHO / Vacron sells across geographies
  • The sole aim of FUHO / Vacron is to develop new technologies that are very stable and highly reliable
  • Innovation is the key at FUHO / Vacron and the company strives to create value for humanity
  • FUHO / Vacron creates products in line with technology advancement and easy integration for maximum benefit
  • FUHO / Vacron focuses mainly on price friendliness and quality that lasts a lifetime

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